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Student Health & Wellbeing

The Student Health and Wellbeing representatives act as a liaison between parents and the school in the area of student health and wellbeing and to promote student health and wellbeing within the school.   Key areas of focus are allergy awareness and sun safety.  Specifically this includes:

-   promoting allergy awareness in partnership with the Student Representative Council (SRC) at Excelsior during Food Allergy Week, an initiative of Allergy and Anaphylaxis Australia

-   liaising with the Allergy Awareness group of parents

-   actively promoting sun safety for the students by being familiar with current recommended practices, in conjunction with eg. the Dept of Ed NSW sun safety policy and the Cancer Council SunSmart program.

Other areas of focus (as required/periodically):  relationship & puberty education and support (in conjunction with Interrelate), cyber safety, mental health resources and issues, common parenting issues.

The current committee representatives are Becky Eland, and Janie Rogers

Please contact us at eps.shw@gmail.com

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