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Volunteering & Contacting P&C

Contacting P&C       Email: excelsiorpandc@gmail.com  

Please contact us if you would like further information on the activities run by the P&C.  

Volunteer     Email: excelsiorpandc@gmail.com

To volunteer for any events run by the P&C

Volunteering is an extremely important part of this school and enables your child to have access to fun events, extra recreational activities , technology and sporting equipment and keeps costs down in the canteen, uniform shop and ERA. Without dedicated and helpful parents, none of this is possible and the P&C are concerned that many of our regular volunteers  are leaving the school this year.  In case you didn’t know ;

   - Our entire ERA program is run by volunteers

   - The uniform shop needs volunteers every day to operate.

   - The canteen needs volunteers every day to operate

   - Events need volunteers to help organise and run stalls.

Please don’t rely on the fact that someone else will do it and think about what time you could offer the school, as little as an hour a month, makes all the difference to many opportunities and doesn’t need to be in school hours. Below are some tips on volunteering.

Volunteering Tips

Your children love it when you volunteer and they get to see you at school

You don’t need to speak English well to volunteer, all the kids speak loads of different languages

Grandparents are welcome to volunteer too

You can volunteer as little or as much time as you can spare

You can volunteer for things during the day, at the weekend or after school

You can volunteer with your friends

Nothing is hard , you will be shown what to do

You don’t need to be a P&C member

To keep our children safe, some volunteer opportunities such as the canteen, require a Working With Children Check, which is a simple form, available to fill in at the School Office.You will need identification. Passport is best and it doesn’t cost anything.

Volunteering options

One Off Volunteering 

These are usually for events  eg Welcome Party, Disco, Christmas Carols

Either a tear off volunteer slip on the Events Information Note or an online link to a volunteer spreadsheet is sent out, via your class parent, prior to an event

When you click on the link you can choose how long you can volunteer for, in 30 minute slots eg one hour, two hours or 30 minutes. If you need help please let the P&C or your class parent know.

You and a friend can put your names next to each other and catch up while you help out

You can go back into the link and change times if you need to

You will be shown what to do

The tear off slip would just be returned to the P&C box in the school office

Some opportunities would be selling tickets, cooking on the BBQ, selling treats, managing a craft stall, baking cakes for events.

Regular volunteering 

These are usually for the Uniform shop ( excelsioruniform@gmail.com ) ERA - Extra Recreational Activities (excelsiorera@gmail.com) and Canteen ( excelsiorpandc@gmail.com )

You can email the uniform shop, ERA or canteen and let them know what hours you could do, on what days 
For example -   1hr a month during school hours on a Friday, 1 canteen shift a term on any Wednesday, 2 hrs at the canteen anyday except Thursday, Saturday mornings for an hour, once a  month in the uniform shop etc

You are not committed when you regularly volunteer and can stop at any time

ERA is a great way to volunteer if you can’t do anything during school hours, as it is mainly administration work to keep all the activities, Tennis, Dance & Art running

If you have any questions please email: excelsiorpandc@gmail.com