Excelsior Public School

High Ideals, High Expectations, High Achievement

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About our school

Excelsior Public School is a K–6 school established in 1972. We enjoy extensive grounds with a great deal of open space, play areas, gardens and trees.

At Excelsior Public School we are committed to providing quality teaching and learning programs that foster high ideals, high expectations and high achievement.

We believe that each child brings a different set of experiences, knowledge and skills with them, and understanding these is essential to planning their learning pathways. We foster creative thinkers and problem solvers to inspire the development of confident, independent, resilient and innovative individuals. With this in mind we embed Science, Technology and Maths based programs (STEM) into our school curriculum.

We believe that student learning is underpinned by quality teaching, high levels of professionalism and commitment. We have strong student welfare and learning programs which encourage students to be self relient and active learners. Our students participate in a wide range of activities including dance, band, choir and gifted and talented programs.