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How P&C Funds Are Used

The money that the P&C raises is used to benefit all students and thus the whole school community. In previous years we have assisted in providing such items as Interactive Whiteboards and Computers and other equipment needed for a Mobile Computing Lab.

The P&C work closely with the school in determining how funds will be used. The Principal is the best person to liaise with the P&C on such matters as she has an understanding of the needs of students across the whole school – Kindergarten through to Year 6. Obviously the Principal works closely with all staff and her Assistant Principals in determining what is required to best meet the needs of students and staff.

Once the Principal puts forward ideas for the use of P&C funds, the P&C President puts forward a motion and ALL financial P&C members are able to vote. It is certainly a community decision and to be eligible to vote you just need to pay a nominal fee to our Treasurer, prior to the meeting as outlined in the P&C Association guidelines. We encourage as many members of our community as possible to have a say in how P&C funds are used.

Future Plans for Fundraising

Each year we identify a number of fundraising events that are designed to increase the funds available for use by the P&C, as voted on by all members. For these events, please see events section on the school website and check for updates in the newsletters. We invite and welcome as many volunteers as possible to join us and help share the load and the satisfaction in helping the school. This ensures regular volunteers do not burn out. For all fundraising enquiries and to volunteer your help in any way – no matter how big or small, please contact us at excelsiorpandc@gmail.com