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A message from our Events Team:

The Excelsior P&C Association put a lot of time and effort into raising funds to benefit all the children of Excelsior Public School. The Executive Committee and Events Team want every child to have access to all they need, to be the best they can.

Each year we put together events for the Excelsior community, allowing everyone to come together, have fun and raise the all-important funds.

The P&C works closely with the school and our Principal to ensure the needs of our children are met. This year we would like to continue being able to provide resources to the school as required.

We are fortunate at Excelsior to have a very supportive school community.

If you would like to volunteer your time please email us at excelsiorpsevents@gmail.com 

Each event has its own roster sent out where you can go online to volunteer your time.

Events Team

Emma Escott

Stephanie Whittington

Laura Lashford

Kiah Leary

Emily Whittlesea